Alaskan Malamutes are very loyal and loving dogs and are excellent with children. These are only a couple of the traits that have been instilled into this breed by the Inuit's hundreds of years ago.

They are working dogs and love to sled, pack and play, but they also love to please. Malamutes can pack one third their weight, and their pulling power - well that is something to see!

Being a working dog, needless to say - THEY NEED EXERCISE!, this is good for them both physically and mentally, and will bring out the best in them.

Malamutes are very intelligent dogs and are known to be very strong willed (stubborn). It is very important to show them that you are the master from an early age. They don’t bark, they howl, and they usually only howl for a reason, but for the most part they are quite laid back.

We would like to mention some very important things that we have found over the years which need to be strongly considered if you are thinking of an Alaskan Malamute to be your companion and friend.

Malamutes need lots of exercise and room to run.

Malamutes can be very aggressive to other dogs if left  not spayed or neutered, or aren't introduced to other dogs from a very early age, so social skills with other dogs are recommended from an early age.

They are very hardy dogs and is best for them if they live outside year round (even - 40 degrees). For their safety a kennel is recommended. If you love your dogs, please kennel them when you are not with them! Don't hesitate to let them come inside to visit! Learning some social skills in the house is always a benefit.

Malamutes NEED to know that you are the pack leader. They NEED to feel a strong dominant presence in an owner, and you MUST be able to retain that control throughout the dogs life. Once that is established, you will enjoy years of loving from this wonderful breed.

Too many Malamutes are purchased each year because of their magnificent stature, without fully understanding their strong nature and sheer size and then at 6 months of age when they start to 'throw that weight around' are dropped off at local animal shelters, abandoned or abused.

To us Love and Discipline are the two most important factors to having a dog that will never cease to amaze you. So if you can spend the time to love and train a Malamute then it might be the breed of choice for you because...