Located outside of Edson, Alberta, Canada Kokamal Kennels is the home of Tim Gatenby and some of the most magnificent Alaskan Malamute dogs around. We have been raising strictly for 31 years. We currently have 9 breeding malamutes - 4 males and 5 females. We used to show our animals, but decided for us, it was more important to concentrate on our breeding program. We believe that it is most important for the breed to ensure its original traits

- which are size and temperament and a working instinct.


We only breed very occasionally and with very careful planning. We are very selective where our puppies go. When we breed, we always aim for excellence. The breed's function as a working sled dogs and family pets, the breed standard and the breed's health, is always foremost in our minds. We always use dogs with excellent temperaments who are sound in health, movement and conformation.  We NEVER compromise our high standards.


Two years prior to that we had the pleasure of working with Lou and Lorraine Nedelec (Naksala Kennels) who at that time had about 26 years experience with Malamutes. Those years were invaluable as a learning tool and enabled us to strike out on our own and lay the groundwork for Kokamal Kennels.


After all this time we are still learning from this amazing breed!

Please feel free to contact me about current and upcoming litters!


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